Awards to PI

  1. ACS OpenEye Outstanding Junior Faculty Award for Fall 2017
  2. 2016 President’s Award for Outstanding Research (Memorial University, 2 awards per year, $5000

Awards to Students

  1. Ernest Awoonor-Williams, IUPAC Periodic Table of Younger Chemists, 2018
  2. Archita Adluri, CATC Best Overall Oral Presentation in Theoretical Chemistry Science Atlantic ChemCon 2018
  3. Mohamad Mohebifar, Fellow of the School of Graduate Studies, 2018
  4. Ernest Awoonor-Williams, first prize for oral presentations, Atlantic Theoretical Chemistry Symposium, Halifax NS, August 3, 2017
  5. Ernest Awoonor-Williams, NSERC Vanier Graduate Scholarship, $50,000 pa
  6. Kari Gaalswyk, 2017 Shaun C. Hillier Scholarship, awarded to best M.Sc. thesis in Scientific Computing, $1000
  7. Archita Adluri: CIC Award for the Best Undergraduate Poster Presentation in Physical, Theoretical, or Computational Chemistry, Science Atlantic ChemCon 2016
  8. Ernest Awoonor-Williams, ACENET Fellowship (graduate), 2016, $10000
  9. Ernest Awoonor-Williams, A. G. Hatcher Scholarship, 2015, $15000
  10. Ernest Awoonor-Williams, ACEmat Award for Best Talk at Science Atlantic Chemcon, 2015, $50
  11. Ernest Awoonor-Williams, ACENET Fellowship (graduate), 2015, $10000
  12. Jessica Besaw, Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship (doctoral), 2015, $35,000 p.a. (3 years)
  13. Jessica Besaw, A. G. Hatcher Scholarship, 2014, $15000
  14. Jessica Besaw, Biophysical Society of Canada Travel Award
  15. Jessica Besaw, 2014 Memorial University Biochemistry Symposium, 1st runner up, August 13, 2014
  16. Jessica Besaw, Outstanding Student Symposium Presentation Award in the Multi-scale Computational Approaches and Applications in Biochemistry and Biomaterials at the 97th Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition, Vancouver, BC, "A Computational Study of the Structure of the C-terminal Domain of FOXL1." June 5, 2014
  17. Jennifer M. Smith, Award in the Physical, Theoretical and Computational Chemistry Division Poster Presentation at the 97th Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition, Vancouver, BC, “Computational Prediction of the Activity of Cysteine-targeting Electrophilic Drugs and the Need for Range-separated DFT Functionals.” June 3, 2014
  18. Saleh Riahi, Fellow of the School of Graduate Studies, 2013
  19. Saleh Riahi, J. Beryl Truscott Graduate Scholarship, 2013, $2000